The CLEMMER Family

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The CLEMMER family tree starts in France in a small village in Alsace, named Oberbronn. The name was most probably written with a K - KLEMMER at that time.

Short before the french Revolution, they moved to Neuchâtel (at that time in the Kingdom of Prussia) in the western part Switzerland.

In 1832, they acquired the swiss nationality in the community of La Chaux-du-Milieu also in the canton of Neuchâtel (NE) , although they never lived there. Like all swiss citizens, they kept this place of citzienship until recently.

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Still to be found are the roots of the families who all married a CLEMMER:

- BARRAUD and PITTON from the canton of Vaud 
- VAISSEAU apparently from the departmenent of Doubs, France
- VELTI and RYSER in the german-speaking part of Switzerland

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