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but also the roots of the WŁthrich family

European before the hour, these families came from two different origins and countries at the beginning of the century.

= form based on the italian "Rosso",  corsican or italian nickname used for red-headed people

The family story which was spread in the evening talks around the fireplace pretended that our great great grand father was a coachman in the house of an italian comtess and that he felll in love with a young swiss cook lady working also there. They got married and she took her husband back to Switzerland where they settled. The sequence of these events is not clear yet.....

How romantic! But we still have to find the official documents to prove this version....

Coming from Italy, we have found our roots back up to 1879 in Pomarance, small village of the Tuscany, 75 kms from Pisa. Unfortunately, there are too many Rossi there and we are stopped in our search at the moment.

link to the situation map of Pomarance

= Furious angry in german like WŁthrich Wuethrich Wutrich et Wutholen. L'allemand wurm  -latin vermis- worm has given small worm.

 The  WŁthrich roots are to be found in a small village named Trub, situated in the Emmental valley in Switzerland near Bern, famous for its world-renowned cheese. Half-way between Lucerne and Berne, this settlement started with the foundation of a convent in the XIIth century.

The last proven date in our tree in this community  is 1558. But the work is still in progress as a few dates need to be verified.

Situation map of Trub - BE

To the site of the city of Trub ( only in german)

In Trub, the name of the Rossi seems to sound very exotic with its italian origin among all those very old germanic names but this exotism helped our search.


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